Aiming for the Best Reception with an Antenna

OTA (over the air) or broadcast television is a great way to receive free entertainment. But setting up an antenna can be confusing. We’re going to show you the best way to install and position an antenna to receive the most channels possible.

Easy Password Management

  How many passwords do you have? 10? 20? Probably more. If you’re like most people, those passwords are in a notebook or file folder somewhere in your house and you dread opening it up each time you need to log-in to something.

Finding Free Ebooks

  A precarious tower of books piled to the ceiling still provides a sense of pride and accomplishment at the words you’ve digested in your life. Perhaps you have a library, an actual room with shelves and a comfortable sitting chair, filled with the greatest words ever written in which…

Streaming Vs. Ota

  You’ve decided to Cut the Cord. Congratulations! You can expect to save some big money by dropping cable TV service from your monthly cost. But with all of the different options for watching content (SlingTV, YoutubeTV, Hulu, Amazon, Netflix, Antenna, DVR and seemingly 1000 other options), it can be…

Cut the Cord in 3 Steps

Did your cable bill go up again? Do you flip through all of those 500 TV channels and realize you never watch most of them. You might ask yourself: “Why am I paying for this”? It’s time to consider cutting cable TV.